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Probate and Guardianships


The death of a loved one is never easy and is only made more difficult when trying to carry out their last wishes. In Illinois, there are numerous issues to consider when handling the property of someone that has passed away. Primarily, can the property be transferred outside of court review or must a case be filed at the courthouse? Depending on which course is proper, there are many issues that can arise.​

At Nagreski Law, we will walk with you through the probate process to guarantee that their final wishes are carried out and that your rights are protected.


Guardianships in Illinois, allow the guardian to make legal decisions to care for and look after the best interests of an individual. Guardianships can be on behalf of a minor child or an adult with a disability. By getting a guardian appointed, it will insure that at no matter the stage of life, your loved one will have someone looking after their best interests.

Nagreski Law will represent and guide you through the guardianship process to insure that your loved one is properly protected.